Dreamtime Festival

Dreamtime Art Installation Registration

Please read below before submitting an application.

The next deadline for submitting an art installation application is . After that, you may still be able to offer a installation, but it may not be included in the printed program guide. The sooner we have them, the better!

Thanks for offering to bring an art installation to Dreamtime!

Some things to consider:

  • There is a limited amount of open flat space available. If your project requires a large area of open and/or flat space, register early for the best chance at placement.
  • This is a Leave No Trace event and there is a possibility of high winds, lightning, and/or rainstorms. You must design your project so that it will not drip, "shed", blow apart, or short out (electrical) when exposed to wind or rain.
  • Your project may be assigned to an area that has no natural anchors for guy lines. If your project must be tied down against wind, assume you must use rebar stakes (with safety caps).
  • The ground can be very hard in some spots and very soft in others, and your project may not be located on perfectly smooth flat land.
  • Visitors may interact with your project in ways you did not intend. Dangerous areas or sensitive equipment not intended for public access/tampering should be physically blocked or guarded at all times.
  • We reserve the right to remove projects from the event site. If you think you will be making controversial statements with your piece, include this information with your proposal. Controversy alone is not grounds to deny placement but we do want the opportunity to find the optimum location for such work.
  • Art projects involving spark-producing flame will not be allowed at Dreamtime. Propane fire may be allowed as an element of your installation, provided that all safety requirements are fulfilled. These requirements are as follows: Your installation must be kept under constant supervision while the fire is on. The propane supply tank and the structure containing flame must be secured against accidental tipping. A working regulator with appropriate pressure rating must be installed on the propane supply line. Flammable materials must be cleared from the surrounding area such that, should your project tip over or flare up, the flame will not come in to contact with any combustible materials. You must secure an inspection by our fire inspector prior to operation of your project.

In addition to completing this form, you may also send sketches of the proposed installation via snail mall. The address is:
38270 Stucker Mesa Rd
Hotchkiss, CO 81419

Dreamtime Art Installation Application Form

Submitting a questionnaire does not automatically grant you space or permission to do everything you've proposed. You will get a response outlining allotted space, placement, and allowable activities.

(Note: We recommend that you type the answers to your questions off-line in a text document before you complete the on-line questionnaire. Copy and paste your answers into the web form, and please save your text document for future reference.)

If you have questions about how to complete the form, please contact us.

Please answer all questions, even if it's just a "N/A". You will lose your work if you submit a form with empty fields!


Phone Number:



State and ZIP:


Art Installation Name:

Are you sending additional material via snail mail?
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Brief Description - Provide a brief description of your installation (but first, read the specific questions below to avoid duplication of your effort)

Purpose - Describe the purpose of your proposed work. Is this work a centerpiece of your camp, or can it be placed by itself? Is it meant to be utilized by all participants? Is it meant to be enjoyed during the day or evening?

Physical description - Describe the rough dimensions (L x W x H) and construction materials involved.

Hung pieces - If your work is to be hung, how much does it weigh and how do you plan to hang it? (If it is not too heavy or tall, we *might* be able to hang it from a small tree)

Interactivity - Are there interactive components in your project? How is it interactive?

Weatherproofing - Describe how you plan to make your project weatherproof such that it will not drip, "shed", blow apart, or short out (electrical) if exposed to wind or rain.

Leave No Trace - Describe your plan for Leaving No Trace.

Safety - Are there any potential safety concerns or health hazards associated with your project (due to things like project malfunction, operator error, propane fire, impact of rain or wind). If so, describe them and your plan for preventing accidents.

Environmental Impact - Does your project present any potential impact on the environment? If so, describe your plan to prevent such impact.

Rating - If your art installation was a movie, how would it be rated?
G  PG  R  NC-17

Schedule - When do you plan to set up your project? Will you need early admission (before noon Friday) for set-up and/or extended time afterwards for teardown? Anyone on site outside of the official festival hours (noon Friday to noon Monday) will be required to notify us ahead of time and fill out a liability waiver.

Assistance? - Can you set up your project alone, or will you need assistance? If you need help, how much help is necessary and how do you plan to secure that help?

Power needed?- Although we cannot yet guarantee it, we *might* be able to provide generator power to your project. Will your project require a generator?
Yes  No

Power - If we are unable to provide power for you, are you prepared to bring a generator? If so, what are your plans to help quiet or dissipate the sound (please refer to Rules section for noise restrictions)?

Biodiesel - Would you like info on renting or sharing a cheap, non-polluting biodiesel generator or biodiesel fuel for your diesel generator?
Yes  No

Enter the description and name/contact information for your project that you would like to see on the website. Please try to keep it short. We reserve the right to edit and simplify your content.

Thank you for your submission! We will contact you soon.