Dreamtime Festival


Who would be interested in a Dreamtime internship?
Internship positions at Dreamtime are designed to offer meaningful experience for those interested in:

  • community organizing and outreach
  • non-profit management
  • public speaking
  • responsible/ethical business
  • volunteer coordination and management
  • marketing and promotion
  • graphic design and layout
  • sustainable building and ecodesign
  • renewable resources, alternative fuels, solar
  • sustainability, landscaping, outdoors and applied permaculture
  • event production, and ecological practices in event production
  • music, stage management, booking
  • workshop coordination
  • interactive art
  • health, both personal and social
  • film and media

When is the internship?
These internship positions begin in January and extend through August.

Where is the internship?
Positions can be done from home, as we hold regular phone conferences for staying connected virtually. There may also be the opportunity to live on site a week before the event until one week after the event.

What kinds of positions are available?
Positions are tailored to the interests of the student and the needs of the organization. For students ready to accept key responsibilities, we will be interviewing for team lead positions, which may lead to employment. In addition, there are various internship possibilities. All positions will have the opportunity to participate in a wide breadth of training and experiential learning.

Examples include:

  • EcoDesign and Sustainable Building: Work with building and design staff to build and design eco friendly structures from organic and recycled materials, including 40' yurts, geodesic domes, 20' hexa-yurts, ecotoilets, solar showers, and more. Experience with tools and carpentry a plus.
  • Renewable energy / Greening Best Practices: Work with production staff to implement sustainable fuels (biodiesel), carbon offsetting, photovoltaics, solar showers, recycling/composting, and more. Experience with electrical wiring a plus.
  • Landscaping, permaculture and site coordinator: Work with setup and grounds staff and permaculture advisors to landscape, implement road and earthmoving plans, coordinate planting and restoration, reduce fire danger, develop ponds and water features, and more.
  • Stage and Performance Coordinator: Work with Stage and Perforamance manager to book, schedule and work with large numbers of performance groups and bands. Work with sound crew and stage crew during the festival, and participate in managing backstage and VIP areas.
  • Whole Foods Chef: Direct the affairs of the intern kitchen by designing and implementing menus for staff before and during the event. preparation of elixers and cultured foods, working closely with the local farm and goats, reading materials, and working with an advisor. Experience with natural foods and cooking a must. Paid position. If interested in this position, please contact us here.
  • Ethical Business Expo director: Be in charge of directing a new project in the event - an expo of companies exemplifying ethical, environmentally sustainable, and healthy practices in business and consumerism. Work closely with the co-director and assist in connecting with potential business candidates, designing the educational curriculum, and more.
  • Directors Assistant: Play a key role standing by the co-directors of Dreamtime and helping with incoming calls and email correspondence, advertising, volunteers, graphic design, event program, press releases, human relations, etc. Office experience a plus. Computer skills a must. This is the best position for those interested in learning everything that goes on behind the scenes in event production.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Be in charge of corresponding with volunteers, answering their questions, assigning them into the schedule, organizing volunteer meetings, leading the trainings, and working at the info booth during the event to help facilitate the volunteers. Work in collaboration with a volunteer coordinator on the front range. Paid position. If interested in this position, please contact us here.
  • Publicity, Promotion and Marketing Coordinator: Coordinate communication with the media, develop press releases and information packets, create radio promotions, etc. Develop and distribute festival flyers, invitations and brochure. Develop or arrange for the design of the poster and the program. Work to promote the Festival to targeted audiences. Work with street teams at major festivals accross the country. Provide material to update the web-site with current information pertinent to the festival.
  • Advertising and Fundraising Coordinator: Solicit sponsorships from larger organizations and businesses, advertising from local businesses, donations from local and national interests, and in-kind donations from appropriate sources. Develop grants from local, regional, and national organizations supporting education and the arts. Develop individual donor base.
  • Multimedia and Education Development Coordinator: Solicit and develop multimedia and educational content for the festival, including a multimedia film exhibition, and tabling materials - work closely with the Workshop and Educational Coordinator.
  • Workshops, Theme Camps and Art Installation Coordinator: Solicit and Coordinate theme camps, workshops and art installations for festival. Develop and coordinate workshop schedule and theme camp / art placement. Greet/place workshop leaders, theme camps and art installations during festival.
  • Videography: Work directly with the Festival videographers recording all performances and gaining experience in archival documentation. Focus on artistic content, shooting techniques, concepts of documentation, proper titling, labeling and logging of material, use of editing programs, and the necessary editorial point of view for creation of an in-depth project. This position may include creating a promotional video before the festival. Candidates should have some experience with digital video.



How do I apply?
If you are interested in applying, please download the application below and follow the instructions you will find there.

Download and return an internship application now:
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