Dreamtime Festival

Dreamtime Pre Event Volunteer Registration


Become a member of our growing Dream tribe! Volunteers are the life-blood and super-stars of the event, and we couldn't do it without your support.

Before the event, we typically have meetings in Boulder, Denver, and Paonia. If you would like to be involved in the community putting on the event, you are welcome to attend our meetings to discuss what is up on the plate. Bring your ideas, leadership, skills, vision, and contribution! All artists, shamans, poets, musicians, computer wizards, dancers, DJs, teachers, networkers, healers, handymen/handywomen, and lovers of life welcome! We are seeking support in various areas.

If you would like to organize a group of volunteers in your area, please contact us here.

To join our yahoo group and stay in the conversation around what is happening for the preparation of Dreamtime (and to stay in the loop about our parties) email us here and we'll send you an invite.

Spread the word about Dreamtime to everyone in your community…download flyers/posters for Dreamtime here (coming soon). Download an invitation to the festival here.

If you want to receive a promotions package to promote Dreamtime in your town or city, please contact the Dreamtime Promotion Coordinator, and we’ll send you a packet with posters and flyers!. You can also find Dreamtime banners to put on your website or post online here

Dreamtime Volunteer Application Form

(Note: We recommend that you type the answers to your questions off-line in a text document before you complete the on-line questionnaire. Copy and paste your answers into the web form, and please save your text document for future reference.)

If you have questions about how to complete the form, please contact us.

Please answer all questions, even if it's just a "N/A". You will lose your work if you submit a form with empty fields!




Best times to reach you

Want to join our Yahoo e group?

What skills and abilities do you want to contribute to Dreamtime?

Please select the area you where you would like to contribute yourself:

Promotions (distribute flyers at various events, spread the word to your networks)
Team Lead Team support

Department of Public Works (assist with set-up of structures & site, for work weekends and/or the 1-2 weeks prior to the Festival)
Team Lead Team support

Creative Design (arrive at the site 2-3 days prior to the Festival to beautify the space)
Team Lead Team support

Volunteer at the Event (gate, will call, tickets, greeters, placement, info booth, rangers, emergency, trail makers, set up, tear down, cleanup). Please register here instead to volunteer at the event (opens in new window).

Internship May - July: Live on site and help with preparation for festival. More info here.

THANKS! We will be in touch!

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