Dreamtime Festival


CeremonyDreamtime workshops are places where members of the community share knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration with each other. More than just learning, workshops offer fun, playful and creative interactions with new people. Workshops are invaluable experiences bringing greater depth and value to the festival.

The Dreamtime workshop is a perfect setting to begin the exploration of a new way of being together in the world. In individual workshops we expand our skills, knowledge and experience. The invitation is then to play with this new learning within the container of the festival and eventually move it into everyday life.

Workshop leaders range from well-known professionals in their field to passionate emerging voices. Topics cover personal, interpersonal, environmental, and social themes. All the workshops are selected to offer a broad range of opportunities that connect and support the mission and vision of Dreamtime.




Some workshop topics from the past have included:

contact improv
authentic movement
dance classes
personal development
poetry & spoken word
mask making
stilt walking
poi & fire dancing
toltec dreaming
lucid dreamingv
creative writing
shamanic healing
sustainable building
sacred sound healing
herb walks
holistic nutrition
sacred sexuality
social awareness

Magical Mystical Muse Photo
Thai Massage Class


We recognize that the well-being of the world rests with the generations to come, and that it is possible that our dreams will become their reality. To support the young people, Dreamtime encourages workshops and other activities that include them. We encourage workshops to connect to the theme of fostering the creation and maintenance of positive relationships that can be expressed on multiple levels:

Personal: relations with self, body, mind, spirit

Interpersonal: relations with family, friends, housemates, co-workers

Social/Political: relations with community and community structure

Surroundings/Ecological: relations with home, world, environment, planet earth

More Workshops:
Somatic Movement
Set Yourself Free Yoga
Yoga for the Different
Authentic Movement
Meeting Your Inner Healer
Plant Spirit Herb Walk
Uranus in Pisces
Divine Dreamwork
Abounding River Game
Healing Through Song & Story
Shamanic Journey
Sacred Geometry at the Heart of Firedance
Heart of Dreamtime
Healing Through Universal Service
Head, Heart, Soul: Interactive workshops for Men
Monkey Chant
Healing Through Ceremony
Make Your Own Biodiesel
Brain Massages
Acoustic Trance Circle
Huichol Prayer Arrows
Thai Style Bodywork
And Many More!


Apply to Lead a Dreamtime Workshop

If you can dream it and teach it, you can apply to offer it at Dreamtime.
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